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About Us


Since we commenced operations in 1992, we have made quality and affordability our credo. In today's market, there are few that offer the same high-level service and savings that Natal Stainless Steel offer. As one of Africa's largest stainless steel suppliers, we ensure that our stainless steel products, prices and delivery are benchmarks of our company credo.

With this philosophy, we have gone from strength to strength. As a top stainless steel supplier, we ensure that you get the quality that you pay for. Whether it's the smallest order up to supplying the stainless steel for large constructions and projects. Each of our customer service members, supervisors, managers and directors are fully trained to give you the best service in the stainless steel industry.

Our Mission

To realise this objective, global stainless steel markets are constantly researched and investigated by our talented and highly qualified staff to establish whether new international trends and products would have local appeal. Once identified as being viable for the South African market, every care is taken to ensure products produced by Natal Stainless Steel meet the highest criteria in terms of ongoing availability and quality.

Our Vision

In keeping with our credo of excellence in all that we do, Natal Stainless Steel perceives industry leadership as being unequivocally recognised by both its customers and the market at large, as a company of exceptional value.

To achieve this status, strong emphasis is placed on meeting every possible expectation of our customer base - from product quality and outstanding service through to guaranteed after-sales support. To this end, an ongoing customer relationship programme is vigorously followed to anticipate and fulfil all our clients' future requirements.

Our long-term vision extends beyond local horizons with a well-planned international expansion programme firmly in place - ensuring realistic global competitiveness. Natal Stainless Steel is committed to imaginative, innovative thinking and careful planning to understand and fulfil the needs of its clients.

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